General introduction

General introduction


Learn how Best Global Canada Online high school 4.0 is developing the next generation of global leaders!

ABOUT Best Global Canada Online High School 4.0 LEARNING

At Best Global Canada Online high school 4.0, every day we go to work with one thing on our mind: to develop and deliver an engaging educational experience so that today’s generation of digital-minded and global students learn, grow, and succeed in making the world a little better.

From the beginning, Best Global Canada Online high school 4.0 set out to be a different kind of high school. One that not only celebrated the well-designed curriculum set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education but that also connected that curriculum to all types of students. We do that by introducing culturally relevant topics, encouraging critical thought and developing interactive and applied lessons, all delivered through our accessible online platform. Students are able to reach their academic goals at a pace that fits their demanding schedules, all while being guided by experienced and Ontario certified e-learning instructors.

Building Skills for the 21st Century

Global Canada Online high school 4.0 offers globally recognized Ontario credit courses from grade 10 to grade 12 through our innovative online learning platform. Each course offered at Best Global Canada Online high school 4.0 is credited towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Following the completion of each course, Best Global Canada Online high school 4.0 takes care of all administration to ensure that credits are transferred to students' transcripts at their home high school.

To ensure that our students enjoy lifelong success, we put significant emphasis on the design of each course to develop essential academic skills. We strive to prepare each student for college or university and to provide the tools needed to enjoy long and successful careers. Our unique courses do this by systematically integrating skill-building exercises and assessments throughout each lesson, from research and report writing to presentations and leadership skills